viernes, 13 de abril de 2012

Oferta de empleo en SII (Toulouse, Francia)

Daniel Valverde Lobejón, un antiguo alumno de la ETSIT de Valladolid y que actualmente trabaja en Toulouse (Francia) en SII (una consultora para Airbus), me ha pedido que os haga llegar la siguiente oferta de trabajo en dicha empresa. Gracias Daniel.
  • Who? Telecommunications Engineer - (Telecommunications High Degree)
  • Where? SII Sud Ouest - Toulouse (France)
  • When? As Soon As Possible
  • Language skills: French (desirable but not mandatory if Good English level)
  • What?
    Air Ground Connectivity is an innovative on-board solution to connect A/C to all ground actors (Airlines, ATC, Third parties). The scope includes the Cockpit and Open World communications. It focuses on A30X and future aircraft, but also on technologies that could candidate for a deployment on current Programs (SA/LR, A380, A350XWB, A400M …)
  • General knowledge required: 
    • IPv4 and IPv6 networks
    • Network addressing
    • Mobility management
    • Address translation, Tunneling
  • Detailed knowledge desirable: 
    • TCP/IP, IPv4, IPv6, QOS
    • Public and privates IP
    • NAT, NAT66, 6to4, 4to6
If you are interested, please send me your CV to dvalob(at) or dvalverde(at) Also, if you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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